Choosing the right size for the perfect gift

It’s not easy deciding what gift to get new parents. Do you go off of the baby shower list? Sure, they’ll get what they need, but it’s kind of dull. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting. Or do you go to a fancy baby store to pick something out? You’ll stare endlessly at a multitude of gadgets, or spend all your time picking up stuffed animals, then putting them back down, without ever making an actual decision on your purchase.

We know. We’ve been there, too!

Most people will then move on to baby clothes. Because, seriously, they are so cute. Oh Look! socks for tiny newborn feet! OMG, look how tiny this onesie is! And this hat!

Yes, we know! But the problem is, how long will Baby actually wear clothes in the newborn size? Not long. And in most cases, Baby won’t even wear them at all. Yep! If baby is born even a tad on the larger side, he won’t even fit in newborn sizes. And your gift will quietly pick up lint at the back of the drawer.

To help you decide which clothing size to get, we’ve broken it down for you based on what type of gift you’d like to give the new parents in your life. We hope you’ll find it useful on your next purchase!

Something for the tiny newborn

You’d like Baby to wear your gift as soon as he’s born –> Go for size 3 months. Whether Baby is in the normal size range or a little chubby, he’ll be able to wear these clothes right away, and up until right around the time he turns 3 months old.



Give the size that will last the longest

You’d like your gift to last, and last, and last  –> Go for size 6 months. Baby will start wearing this size when she’s about 3 months old until she’s about 7 or 8 months old. That gives Baby lots of room to grow, and becomes the go-to items for her parents.




You’d like to help the tired parents keep up with Baby’s growth –> Go for size 12 months. This larger size will come in very handy when all of the sudden, Baby has an unexpected growth spurt. They always happen when the drawers are filled with tiny sizes. Your gift will save the day. Plus, size 12 is very versatile. It will be a bit roomy at first, but not for long. It’ll be just right when Baby starts walking to explore his world on two legs.                               








Winter is coming…

Designers from France and Holland are already packing our Winter Collections for delivery. We’re very excited to receive all the awesome outfits soon! The Winter Collection will be available starting in September. Until then, 3-2-1 Framboise Boxes are going out with our lovely 100% organic cotton Summer Collection.

They grow so fast

Your little one is growing at an incredible rate: In the first six months, Baby will grow by 4.5 inches in length. By the end of the first year, Baby will be one and a half times the length they were at birth. Face it, you’re struggling to keep up. And when a growth spurt happens, well, you’re out of clothes that fit and Baby bursts out.

That’s why the subscription model is a great fit — literally — for baby clothing. Picture this: Every month, you receive outfits in the perfect size. Then, as months go by, we automatically increase the size. You don’t even need to lift a finger! We’ll anticipate Baby’s growth spurts. And if your Baby is growing at a different rate, just tell us, and we’ll adjust your personal schedule.

Make your life a little easier. Subscribe to 3-2-1 Framboise.



We ship internationally

3-2-1 Framboise now ships internationally! That’s right. You’re in Japan? Yes. We ship there. You’re in Norway? No problem. You’re in the Maldives? Hm. Well, we want to come visit. And we’ll ship your boxes, too. You’re somewhere in the world* = your box will reach you.

* Delivery in outer space not yet available. 😉